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About us

Welcome to geekyshadow.com — a blog that helps newbie developer to move away from basics and learn about real life based projects. GeekyShadow is a blog that will help tech lover people, to find awesome tech related stuff.

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Who am I ?

Hi, My name is Ravi Raushan. I am full stack python developer and tech lover. I have made real life projects in django(a python web framework) e.g. School Management System, E-commerce website, YouTube downloader.

Email me : [email protected]

Contact me through Facebook

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Mission of Geeky Shadow blog :

When i started learning about python, machine learning, django. I faced so many problems. YouTube tutorials were only tutorials.

I faced some problems that i did not even  find in stackoverflow. So, i started this blog keeping in mind that, whatever  challenges i faced during making a real life based project, i will write a detailed blog post about that problem, so that, other developers, who are facing similar kind of problem can find a solution.

Newbie developers face so many problems.

About us:  Geeky Shadow is a blogging website about Python, Django, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Tech movies and Tech news. All the problems faced by me as a newbie will be here. When i started programming with python and learning about A.I, I faced many problems, i post all the problems which i faced earlier. From simple python code to expert level. From web development to Machine Learning.

Geeky Shadow is a place where a new programmer, can related themselves, because they will face problems as i did when i was newbie in programming. They will search for problems in internet, but they  will struggle. Tech for noob is the best place for them.

All the basic problem and there answers are here. Let me explain in detail in below. What tech for noob is really about.

Geeky Shadow : What type of Post you will see here.

Get out of the Tutorial Hell :

Whenever a new programmer starts a learning about new language, after learning basics, they don’t know what to do with that knowledge, they don’t know anything about real world project.

In this website, I write about these real world project, what type of project newbie programmer should make after learning basics.

Many python programmer does not know many things  after learning basics, what should they do, what type of projects they should make.

I am not going to teach you to make a website or project, but i will guide you to escape from tutorial hell and get the job done.

Top websites :

In this section, you will see article related to websites like tech websites, educational websites, best websites for fun, websites for coders and many more.

You don’t need to surf internet all the night, you just need to surf this website, you will get everything about technology.

Movie Reviews:

Whenever I watch tech movies or science fiction movies, I will give review to that movie. This review will entirely will be mine, I am not critics, I will just write my opinion. You must not depend on this site for movie reviews. I don’t do reviews.

Project Ideas :

If you are beginner in programming languages and you don’t know, what type of project you should make, than this website is very helpful to you. You will get lots of project ideas here . If you are computer science student, then this website is best for you.

All the type of major projects ideas, minor project ideas. Everything is here .

My Opinions :

In this website, I will share my opinion about latest technology, what is feel about new technology, my thoughts about it and many more.

Topics will be Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence.