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Whitehat jr Mistakes that should have been avoided?

whitehat jr mistakes

Whitehat jr Mistakes that should have been avoided: Whitehat jr is ed-tech start company which is a live online coding class. Byju’s bought this company for 300 million dollar. This start up company is facing lots of criticism for its behaviour like silencing critics, suing them and many more.

In this article, I have written about Whitehat Jr’s mistake. What are the mistakes that should have been avoided at any cost.

Lets see all the mistakes of Whitehat Jr.


Misleading ads :

Whitehat Jr posted so many misleading ads willingly to attract poor people or middle class people. They advertised about a kid named Wolf Gupta.

In one ad, they were showing a 13 year old kid Wolf Gupta got job of 20 Crore in google. That kid got job in Artificial intelligence field.

In another ad, the same 12 year Wolf Gupta got 1.2 crore Job at google. In another ad the same kid got 150 crore job from google videos.

these are the example of misleading ads, there are more these kind of misleading ads like space programming and many more.

Wolf Gupta

These ads were trying to fool Indian parents, they wanted to woo them but they failed. Misleading anyone is very wrong.

Getting job at google is not piece of cake. Getting a job in google requires problem solving ability, mathematics, Algorithms, advance programming and many more. You can’t teach all these things in short times, these things takes time.

These ads became favourite topic of critics. Everyone criticized these ads of Whitehat Jr.

2. Defamation Case :

Whitehat jr’s CEO Karan Bajaj filed defamation case against Pradeep Poonia and Anirudha Malpani. This news spread like a wild fire. Everyone criticized this move of Whitehat Jr.

Big website’s like Techcrunch, Quartz, News 18 and more website criticized Whitehat Jr for this move.

Then YouTubers started roasting them. Not just Indian YouTuber even international YouTubers started roasting WhiteHat Jr.



3. Unrealistic Marketing :

Apart from misleading ads, they made many mistakes. They made mistake in Marketing. Their marketing strategy was very unrealistic, If you go to their website and check out their course plans, you will be surprised or you may be shocked.

If you will do 10 class of Whitehat Jr then you will become a certified game developer, In 20-40 classes, you will learn about advanced programming and you will be considered as certified app developer. After 50 classes, you will solve real life problems using technology. After more than 100 classes, you can create your own company.

These marketing looks amazing but these are highly unrealistic, you can’t be certified as a game developer with just 10 class. You can’t open a start up company with just 100 class. This is so unrealistic.

whitehatjr classes

In my opinion, students are wasting time in IITs and BITs, they should join Whitehat Jr and they will open a start up company.

If you look at their app list, you can’t start a company with these kind of application. Opening a company is not piece of cake.

Whitehat jr mistakes applist

4.) Controlling the Internet :

Whitehat Jr tried to control the internet, this is their biggest mistake. They sued critics. Every tweet against them, they deleted tweets, every YouTube videos that were against them, they deleted it. Whoever talked about them they wanted them to stop.

But these steps of Whitehat Jr backfired at them. More people started to talk about them, the more people started to criticise them.

They lost their reputation. People started abusing Whitehat Jr on twitter. People started spreading too much negativity on the internet.

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Whitehat Jr Mistakes : Conclusion

Earlier they did not mentioned links of apps which were made by their students, now they have fixed this issue, they are mentioning the links of application.

After seeing all the apps, i can only say, they are just misleading people and nothing else. That kinds of application can’t get you a million dollar job at google.

These type of application can’t give you a start up company.

Coding for kids is good idea but mixing these things with lots of money is very bad idea. They must rethink whatever they are doing.

Whitehat Jr Mistakes : Video