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WhiteHatJr | Genius or fraud company ? White Hat Jr


You may have heard of WhiteHatJr, online coding platform. You may have seen TV ads where a 10 year old kid, codes and makes money. Big celebrities like Hritik Roshan, Madhuri Dixit, Farah Khan featured in WhiteHatJr’s ad.

Many people claims that this company is fraud. These people include Pradeep Poonia, Anirudha Malpani and many more.

Lots of top tech news giants like Techcrunch, have also covered this company’s misleading ads, silencing their critic.

There are lots of negativity on social media about this new start up. are all the allegations true? lets find out.

What is WhiteHatJr?

WhiteHatJr is an online one to one live coding platform. They teach coding to kids of age from 6 to 18. They also teach software development and game development.


karan bajaj
Karan Bajaj

Karan Bajaj is the founder and CEO of WhiteHatJr. He is ex CEO of Discovery Networks India.

Popular EdTech Company Byju’s bought this start up for 300 Million dollar. Its huge amount of money.

Controversy of WhiteHatJr :

It started when a guy named Pradeep Poonia, noticed some unusual things about WhiteHatJr’s advertisement. a13 year olf  kid named Wolf Gupta  got 20 Crore from Google, Same Wolf Gupta, aged 9 earning 150 Crore from google video, 12 year old kid got 1.2 crore job at google. After that many people saw that.


Wolf Gupta

Everyone was criticizing marketing tactics of this start up company..

They thought it’s misleading, so everyone started tweeting about this, making video about this. People were making meme about 20 Cr placement.

Controversy became enormous, when WhiteHatJr filed case against Pradeep Poonia and Anirudha Malpani for various reasons.

They filed defamation case against Pradeep Poonia 2.7 Million Dollar. Karan Bajaj is seeking 2.7 Million dollar from Pradeep Poonia.

Karan Bajaj also filed a case against Anirudha Malpani. He is seeking 1.9 million dollar from him.

These two news spread like wild fire.

Many people on twitter supported Pradeep Poonia and Anirudha Malpani. Many YouTubers covered this news. People are accusing WhiteHatJr for silencing the critics.

They removed Pradeep Poonia’s 2 YouTube Channel, 2 reddit account, 1 twitter handle, 1 quora account, 3 linked articles, YouTube videos.

pradeep poonia

Silencing did not happen alone with just Pradeep Poonia, It happened with everyone who raised their voice against WhiteHatJr. Whoever criticizes them, they remove criticizers content from Internet.

I think they are trying to control Internet.

People are criticizing the start up company for their bad behaviour, misleading marketing, looting parents, over priced courses and many more reasons.

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My Opinion on WhiteHatJr :

In my opinion, whatever the company is doing is wrong. Instead of improving, they are silencing the critics, which is very bad, this tells you don’t care about people, you only care about money. That’s very bad.

This start up is trying to tempt parents and kids, through their misleading ads. Coding is not about earning money its about problem solving.

Kids are joining this start up to make their own app and earn more than Crore rupees. In reality, this is not possible. You can’t just earn crore rupees. You can’t get job at google just by making simple app. They are fooling kids.

Lets look at website’s core idea of marketing.

whitehatjr classes

In this photo, you can see how they are manipulating kids and parents. If you will complete 8 classes, you will get Game Developer Certificate. If you will complete 20-40 classes, you will know about advanced programming and you will have App Developer Certificate, When you complete more than 100 classes, you can build your own company.

What type of marketing is this? Building company?

In my opinion this is very misleading. You don’t need to go to prestigious colleges like IITs, BITs, you just need to buy classes of WhiteHatJr, you are million with in 6 months. What type of logic is this?

Coding is fun but not easy. This start up thinks coding is a joke and anyone can make apps that can lend you a job at silicon valley.

You can not just get a job at google by creating a simple app.

No links of play store

WhiteHatJr claims that their students made many apps, but they have not given any links of Play store. They have not given links of application.

They must provide the links of play store to prove they are genuine. So that people can know about their student’s apps.

No links at all. This is disappointing.

Very High Cost of simple things :

If you see their price, its too much high. You can learn these things on internet for free. They teach python programming, you can learn python programming complete free on YouTube. There are lots websites available on the internet.

Paying 1 lakh is too much for small things.

What parents can learn ?

Before teaching your kids, you must teach your kids some basic google skills, some maths, problem solving skills. These things will help in skill building.

You can not just make apps by attending just 8 classes and you get a job at google or any other company. It’s not that simple.


Conclusion on WhiteHatJr :

If this company is really serious about coding, then this company should stop targeting little kids. They are after money not after quality teaching. Silencing critics is very very bad thing. I hope this start up will improve and they will come back with some new features not fooling features.

Thank you for reading. If you are Company’s CEO, then mail me i will remove this post.