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PUBG mobile facts | You must know all the PUBG mobile game facts

pubg mobie facts

PUBG mobile is very much popular around the globe, but it is much more popular in India. This game took mobile gaming to the next level. There are lots of story behind this game, I am going to write all the facts in details. I have made a YouTube video on this, you may check the video as well.

I will put the video link in this article.

PUBG mobile is mobile version of popular pc game, PUBG, short form of Player Unknown’s Battleground. Here are the facts about PUBG and PUBG mobile.

PUBG mobile facts

1.) Founder of PUBG and origin

Brandon Greene is the name of founder of PUBG. Brandon Green gave the concept of game and design. This game was based on Japanese movie Battle Royale, which was released on 2001. Brandon found the movie interesting and he got his idea of PUBG from there.

PUBG mobile facts battle royale brandon greene

2.) PUBG mobile much more popular than PUBG PC

In PUBG mobile’s database there are more than 400 million(40 Crore) player and this mobile game has more than 50 million(5 Crore), daily active players.

Where as in PUBG PC it has only 800,000 active players per day.

You can see the difference in daily active players of both versions. It’s huge.


3.) PUBG mobile’s highest download came from India.

Indian people downloaded PUBG mobile more than 175 million times. It was highest among any other countries. According to recent report, Before the ban of PUBG mobile in India, more than 200 million people downloaded the game.

Approx half of entire PUBG mobile download is from India.

4.) PUBG mobile TV ad.

PUBG mobile is the only game, whose ad was shown on Indian television. This is the only mobile game, whose ad came on TV.

This ad was 27 sec long and it was telecasted in channels like &pictures.

5.) How did the naming happen?

Full form of PUBG is Player Unknown’s Battleground, but do you know, how did this name come ? Well I will tell you about this mystery.

PUBG creator Brandon Greene’s gaming name is Player Unknown and concept of the game is battleground. That’s why its name became, Player Unknown’s Battleground. Short for PUBG.

In normal, its name should Brandon Greene’s Battleground, but this does not sound cool.

6.) PUBG maps story.

Do you know PUBG has released the story of its maps. PUBG has Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar maps in the game. But do you know, these maps have stories too?

You can find these stories on PUBG mobile’s YouTube channel.

7.) PUBG mobile released Indian web series.

You can feel the popularity level of PUBG mobile in India. PUBG mobile has released a web series in India. It’s name is ” Dosti ka naya maidan “.

You can find this Web series on PUBG mobile India YouTube Channel. It has total of Five episodes. Link is below.

8.) Bluehole and Tencent :

PUBG PC was developed by a Korean company Bluehole. PUBG PC became very much popular worldwide. Tencent games, a Chinese company approached Bluehole for making mobile version of PUBG.

Bluehole company agreed and Tencent Games made mobile version of PUBG. Tencent has majority control of PUBG mobile.

Tencent games is popular for making mobile games.

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9.) The name Erangel:

Erangel is the first and primary map of PUBG PC and mobile. But do you know, how the map Erangel got its name? Brandon Greene’s daughter name is Eran and He always calls her angel. Combining both, Erangel comes out.

Eran + angel = Erangel .

10.) Real places in PUBG :

There are lots of places in PUBG is taken from real places. for example- School, a famous place in Erangel map is taken from Chernobyl, Russia. Chernobyl is infamous of Nuclear Power Plant explosion.

Ruins is taken from mountains of Dagestan, Russia. Shelter was abandoned places, which was used to store nuclear weapons in Feodasia, Ukraine.

Yasnaya Polyana is a place in Russia. Which was home of Leo Tolstoy. Yasnaya Polyana is called writers house museum.


11.) There are 5 country version of PUBG Mobile:

PUBG mobile may be the only mobile which has 5 country version. Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and Indian.

Indian version is yet to be released but PUBG mobile corporation has announced that PUBG mobile India is coming but talking with Indian minister is still going on.

12.Game for Peace :

PUBG mobile is banned in China due to several reasons like red blood, its people will be in contact with the world and so on.

PUBG mobile re released the game only for Chinese people. They named it Game for peace.


PUBG mobile facts my YouTube Video :

This video is in Hindi language.

Conclusion PUBG mobile facts:

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