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Top tech news websites : Top technology news websites | Find out more

Top Tech news websites

Top tech news websites: Technology is changing daily at exponential rate, but we don’t even know many of them. Giant tech companies surprises us with new tech monthly or quarterly. The problem is we don’t know many of recent technology updates. That’s because most of the news media does not tell us about latest tech, they only care about mobile tech and more about camera pixels.

So i have researched the internet and i found many websites that is purely focused on technology. Technology from space to earth. From real world to movie world. These top tech news website also focus about science, startup companies and many more.

So let’s explore these top technology news websites.

Top tech news websites

The Verge : 

The verge was founded in 2011. This website purely focus on technology, science, art and culture. It has mobile reviews, laptop reviews, camera reviews basically all the reviews.

You can listen to podcast related to technology.

The verge is also a gaming news website, where you can find cool stuff related to games.  This is free, you can read anytime you want.



Techcrunch is basically a startup and technology news website. If you have any interest in startups you will be pretty amused by this website, this website has everything related to startups. This is one the best top tech news websites available on the internet.

Most of the times others tech websites take information from techcrunch and update post in their website.

Techcrunch mainly focuses on tech industry.

TechCrunch was founded in June 2005 by Archimedes Ventures, led by partners Michael Arrington and Keith Teare. In 2010, AOL acquired the company for approximately $25 million.



Wired is monthly magazine available in digital and in print. They mainly focuses on science and technology. How technology effects the art, culture, politics.

This website also gives reviews science fiction movies. It also publishes interview of scientists, tech influencer and many more.

They update articles related to business, culture, art, ideas, science, security.

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thenextweb :

The Next Web is a website and annual series of conferences focused on new technology and start-up companies in Europe.

The Next Web company was established in 2006 by co-founders Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten and Patrick de Laive in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Their news reporting is sourced by many websites like Wired, Mashable, Huffington Post . TNW is one the top tech news websites in Europe.

TNW reports news about latest technology, android application, windows application, gaming and many more.



Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company.

It has category from tech to entertainment. Mashable is one of the top tech news website of the world.

Mashable has Gaming, culture, smart phone reviews, science stuff, movie reviews, tech reviews, gaming and many more. explore the world of Mashable to get updates of the technology.



Engadget is one of the biggest source of gadgets in the world. It has literally everything related to hardware. From mobile to cars to smart watches to networking devices to music gadgets to computer stuff to entertainment stuff. This website has everything.

These above things make this website top tech news websites of the world. : 

If you are android lover and you want everything related to android, this website is a heaven for you. Droid-life has every thing related to android, like android phones, apps and android operating system.

Drod life has topics related to apps, games, polls, contests, Accessories, downloads, Beginner’s guide to android.

It has reviews of phones, smartwatches, accessories and apps.

It is one of  the top tech news websites related to android operating system. :

Do you love gaming? Do you love playstation? There should not be any NO to these questions. Everyone love games. Most of them are addicted to games.

Prepare yourself for updates of gaming world. This website is single biggest source of playstation games. They have every news related to gaming and playstation.

This website does not have any reviews but detailed explanation of every games, PS updates and their new game announcements and many more.


Conclusion on Top tech news websites:

These are top tech news website according to me. if you have any other websites that are better than these websites please feel free to comment and write to us. If you find any error in this article also let me know. Thank you for reading.



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