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Why free web hosting is bad idea ? You must take premium web hosting.

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When i started blogging, i had some money in my wallet, i purchased domain name, and then i searched for free web hosting websites. I found, 000webhost is a free web hosting provider. I registered with 000webhost, after some time i regretted this decision.

Service was worst. site down all the time, no help nothing. I was stuck. I did not have any money to buy premium hosting. One thing i learnt from this experience is that, free hosting is terrible idea. This will only waste your money.

In this article, I will explain each and every point why free hosting is bad idea?

Why free web hosting is bad idea?

Free things are always a bad idea( few exception). It will lead you to frustration, depend on others, not according to your choice, etc.

1.) Site down maximum time :

Whenever you take free hosting service, one thing you will see is that, your website is down maximum time. sometimes for a day, some day or even a week.

free hosting providers does not focus on servers downtime, they want you to buy premium hosting. Most of the times they willingly don’t fix the bug or they willingly create a bug, so that you will buy premium web hosting.

If your website is down all the time, you will not get your visitor, you will not be able to earn money from your website.

2.) Extremely slow speed

Your website will not load in 4-5 sec or even 8-10 seconds. It will take more than that. Visitors will be frustrated and they will never return to your website. I have faced this problem. If your website loads faster, your visitors will love that. People want fast.

free web hosting has very slow loading time. Google does not love slow loading website. you will not able to rank your website higher if your website is slow.

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3.) no C-panel

Free web hosting does not provide c-panel. Premium website provides c-panel. c-panel has all the tools available for a website. c-panel makes your website easy to use.

free hosting services does not give you that. All features of a cpanel are protected by anti-virus which protects our website from malware and many more internet viruses.

4.) No control of website :

If you are using free web hosting, you will not have any control of your website. you will not have any back up or anything. Hosting provider can delete your website any time they want. They can delete your database. you will have to install everything again.

They can even delete your entire website and worst part is you can’t even complain, because free services does not have any support.

5.) You will not earn a single dollar : 

Google hates free hosting websites because they are very slow, server down all the time, etc. Google assumes free websites are of low quality website, so does not approve your website. Your website must be professional. Free hosting website will have low ranking in google or no ranking at all.

You will hardly get any traffic.


6.) You can’t change your hosting provider :

Another burden is, when you want to move out your website to another hosting service, you will not be able to move out. Your hard work of designing your website will be waste of your precious time.

They will ask to buy their premium website. which can be very costly or anything. you wont be able to move out.

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