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What new skills you can learn during lockdown #covid-19 #coronavirus

covid-19 learn new skills

Chinese virus named as “coronavirus” is taking the world to lock down, because this virus is not slowing down. More than 500,000 people has been affected from this virus and more than 20000 people died. This disease covid-19 is spreading at exponential rate. India locked down whole country, but people are stupid, they go outside without any reason.

During this lock down you can learn new skills or you can panic or you can do nothing, its your choice, but if you want to do something during this lock down, I am going to tell you that you can learn few skills from your home. These skills will help you to achieve more confidence, more power and more energy.

new skills you can learn during lockdown #covid-19 #coronavirus

1.) Story telling.

First skill you can learn is story telling. This skills is not for noobs, but you can learn this skill if you want. If you are a parent you can tell story to your children, mother and wife in a dramatic way. they will love it. Kids love stories, you just need to find some interesting topic or you can read story from any book in your own way.  after one week you will see, you have new skill.

This skill will help you in giving presentation, influence people, gain confidence and many more.



Writing is hard, everyone thinks writing is not a piece of cake for everyone. Well this skill has so many importance, i will tell you here.

If you want to deep thinking, making plans more effectively, pen and papers are very helpful. Good writing skills works in each and every profession. your every text, your every watsapp messages, your every reply, tells a story, leaves an impression. Your writing makes you a person, who can tell difficult sentence in easy way.

Best and effecting way to start writing is make blog on medium website. I have created my own blogging website to learn writing.

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3. Meditation and prayanama

Best way to relax is to do prayanama. Prayanama means breathing exercise. There are many breathing exercise you can do at home. After covid-19, pollution level decreased so you must not worry about air pollution. Best time to do prayanama is morning.

There are lots of benefits of prayanama. It cures depression, anxiety, heals your body, increases your immune system, increases your brain capacity.

Meditation is also the best thing you can learn during lock down. Meditation cures all the mental issues you are having right now. It heals you internally. You will find peace.


4. Learn new programming language

If you want to learn something more interesting, if you want to be developer or you just want to upgrade your skills learn new programming languages. There are lots of programming languages in the world, you can learn any one. Popular languages like Javascript, Python, Kotlin, Java, PHP. you will gain new skills. These skill will get you a new job after covid-19 pandemic.

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